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Well…its offical!

Posted by Clayton James on June 9, 2006

I have taken the plunge and become a full-time IT contractor/consultant. I have been working as a full-time employee for various government departments over the last 5 years and I have been running my own part-time IT business for the last couple of years.

During this time I have worked closely with a good friend of mine Mark Daunt. He runs a Brisbane based software development company called Data Cogs that specialises in Microsoft development/technologies and integration. I approached Mark and mentioned that I was looking to contract full-time. The timing must have been right as I am beginning work with Data Cogs in July 🙂 🙂

Data Cogs is a first rate software development company and I am thrilled to be affiliated with them.


3 Responses to “Well…its offical!”

  1. PC said

    Congratulations Clayton. Having Known him and his work, for a number of years I think all who know him will agree with me!

  2. JavaGuru said

    Well done Clayman! It’s about bloody time you put a bet on yourself. I’m sure you’ll be fine and you and Mark will form a strong team. Hey, don’t forget to keep us in the loop for big projects…

  3. AirSpoon said

    Go Clayton. Your enthusiasm will take you far 🙂

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