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Missing WinWf (WWF) Server Controls on installation

Posted by Clayton James on August 16, 2006

I recently did up a VPC with vs2005, .NET 3.0 and WWF (with vs 2005 extension 2.2). I was so excited. After installation completed I loaded up VS and created a new console WWF project. Ready to do some drag and drop of workflow activities I opened up the toolbox only to see eight WWF server controls. I was sure there was more than this and did some digging.

I could get to a all the WWF server controls through code but they weren’t being displayed. I tried looking for a .dll that contained the server controls but had no luck. In a last ditch effort I tried right-clicking in the toolbox area and selected the Reset Toolbox option and wholla….they magically appeared 🙂

So away I went doing up my first WWF project, which quickly led to my second. I have been very impressed with the simplicity in its design and use and can really see this product being quickly embraced when it is fully released.


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