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The Vista start up sound

Posted by Clayton James on November 20, 2006

If you haven’t heard the new Vista startup sound then you can listen to it here.

You also get a little information on past and present startup sounds dating back to Windows 95. The funny thing is they ask the question if anyone listens to the startup sound, and when I heard the 95 startup it definately hit a few cords in the memory bank.


4 Responses to “The Vista start up sound”

  1. Laurent said

    A little piece of history about Windows 95 startup sound :


    Composed by Brian Eno (yes, THE one !)

  2. CJ said

    Thanks Laurent…I didn’t know the great Mr Eno composed Windows 95 startup, very interesting.

  3. MrCarrot said

    Hello! I harvest statistics of meanings of users on sites as this. Answer: Like or Not Like. Thanks!

  4. Mick said

    I didnt know that one either CJ – nice. So when I play my harmonica…..it could….just may be a startup sound??

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