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I’m donating my red oil again!

Posted by Clayton James on December 21, 2006

I use to be a regular blood donor a couple of years ago. I would give it pretty much every 12 weeks (you have to wait 12 weeks between donations) and it was a really rewarding experience.

For a bit of fun also, mum and I were in competition to see who could dontate the most times. I know…I know…small things…

For one reason or another I stopped donating. I can’t put my finger on exactly why this happened, but it did. 

About eight weeks ago I was reading a post from a regular blog that I read, and he was talking about his first time donating. It got me thinking as to why I stopped and invigerated the passion in me again to begin.

So I am proud to say that two days ago I saw the blood bank van and donated my red oil. Donating is very satisfying, I was on a high for the whole day.


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