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McNaught….is definately the brightest

Posted by Clayton James on January 18, 2007

I have just come home from watching Comet McNaught. It has just entered our southern hemisphere (two days ago) and is viewable over the next couple of days. I was able to see the Comet and its tail unaided and it is much brighter than Comet Halley’s which I also saw back in 1986. 

Comet McNaught was only discovered last year by an Australia Robert McNaught in the Coonabarabran observatory (NSW). I wonder what he is thinking at this moment watching a Comet pass by with his name attached. 

If you miss it don’t worry…you only have be around for another 2300 years before you might be able to see it again. I say might because there is some speculation that it may escape our solar system due to the speed it is travelling.

For those interested…you will need a clear flat view of the western horizon. It will only be a few degrees above the horizon , in a west-sout-west direction and within minutes after sunset while it is still twilight. It is to the left of, and lower than Venus. I was able to view the Comet for approximatley 20 minutes before it dissapeared into the horizon.

Great work Robert!


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