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Connect Virtual PC to Internet

Posted by Clayton James on February 2, 2007

 I have been using VPC for a few years now and I am still learning lots about using it. After upgrading to Vista I was unable to connect my VPC images to the Internet to activate the OS and download system updates. I was scratching my head changing my VM network adapter settings to Shared Networking (NAT) or to my wireless adapter but no matter what I did I couldn’t get an Internet connectivity from my VPC.

So I went to the person I always go to when I am stuck (this is the person after google) Mr Mark Daunt. He solved it in about a minute asking me if I have installed the Virtual Machine Network Service on my wireless adapter….the what???

So he showed me where to install it and wholla…I could connect 🙂

My LAN adapter had the Virtual Machine Network Service installed but my wireless adapter didn’t.

1/ Navigate to your physical network adapter that you want your VPC to use and click the Install button

2/ Highlight Service and click Add

3/ If you don’t see the Virtual  Machine Network Service click Have Disk button (mine displays as I had already added it).

4/ Navigate to the following directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Utility\VMNetSrv and select the VMNetSrv.inf file and Ok your way back out.

5/  This should install the service and you should now see the service in your connection properties

6/ In your VPC make sure you set your network adapter to the adapter that you just installed the Virtual  Machine Network Service

 7/ Internet connection from VPC 🙂

Here is a good blog post for a couple of other issues if Virtual Machine Network Service is installed but you still can’t get network connectivity.

Another good article by Microsoft explaining the virtual machine network settings.


181 Responses to “Connect Virtual PC to Internet”

  1. Patrick said

    Thanks a million!!!!

  2. Jason said

    Thank you sir!

  3. Michael said

    Tryed everything under the sun, and still can’t connect to the net using virtual pc.
    Im run “XP pro/Sp2” and “virtual pc 2007”. I spent the last two months figuring what the?????!@#$…….

    every setting on earth I’ve tryed…….

    used to connect……

    not no more………..

    theory……. Gates hates p2p software running under his wondows OS.

    I’m checking out the lunix commun.
    Freespire is looking pretty good.

    So is Linkspire…….
    Both are more amazing then MS windows

    My head hurts…….

  4. Robin said


    Thanks, this worked for me. Just had to do a “Repair” connection at the end of it.


  5. Martin said

    just wondering can the virtual pc connect with out the host connecting to the net??


  6. William said

    Wow, was this ever an excellent article. I’ve never used Virtual PC before, but after getting my new Dell laptop with Vista, I thought I’d like to have access to XP so I can continue working on some training projects on the XP operating system. I installed Virtual PC 2007, installed a copy of XP, but ran into a roadblock by not having access to the Internet. This article was splendid, and thank you VERY MUCH for the screen shots which helped me understand just exactly what you were doing along each step. Your solution worked, and I’ve very grateful for giving back to the whole Internet community the way you did. 😉


  7. brokenbokken said

    I found your article and it worked instantly to solve my connectivity issues. Thank you very much!

  8. Barry said

    I installed Virtual PC 2007 on Vista – loaded XP Pro image and everything worked very nicely. XP managed to get its own IP and connected to the internet. However, I have an issue that I hope someone can help with. I have SQL Server install on my Vista machine and I want the XP virtual PC to connect to it. My XP virtual pc cannot see this database, it cant even ping the vista machine – even though it can reach the internet and the ip allocated is obviously in the same range. Is there anything under vista I need to do to allow pings/remote access? I have configured the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration to accept remote connections from TCP and Named Pipes..

  9. MattNC said

    Very helpful article. Thanks! Another thing you might need to do is manually release and renew your IP address. To do this, open a command prompt in your virtual machine by going to Start > Run and type ‘cmd’ (without the quotes). In the command window, type the following (also without the quotes):
    ‘ipconfig /release’ then press Enter. After your IP is released, type ‘ipconfig /renew’ and you should see that your machine now gets an IP address. Try connecting to the internet again, it should work.

  10. Relieved VPCer said

    Bravo!! Your little article helped in a BIG way!! I never would have thought of that esoteric fix in a million years. Thanks so much for not only the answer, but the foolproof screenshots that depict it so well. You saved me!!

  11. Jennifer said

    thanks buddy…worked perfectly

  12. Javo said

    Men thanks so very much for this article, you saved me. I was almost burning my hole laptop when I read this article….
    Keep walking…
    thanks you and Mr Mark Daunt too!!

  13. thang.ccnp said

    Thanks for this article.

  14. Pratik said

    Thanks a lot man…
    I really needed it. I could not run sopcast player in IE on Vista. This really helps a lot..

  15. Anand said

    I am able to connect to Internet from my Virtual PC

    BUT I am unable to connect to the Router and other Network PCs from the Virtucal Machine although able to connect to the PC on which virtual machines are running.

    Earlier I was able to connect to everything; I don’t know how this happened. and since this has happened, my port forwarding from Router to my virtual machine is not working. Can anyone help me?

  16. J. Allen Q. Santos said


    Thank you very much for this article! It is very helpful!


  17. arun said

    yep worked great here thanks again first article i looked at

  18. sohail said

    help me iv follwoed everything up to step 5 after that when i got to settings of my virtal machine and click on networks theres only two adaptors showing local and a shared netwroking(nat)
    so please help and i still cannot connect ot the interentthrouhg my virtaul machine!!!
    email me on sohail_vsm@hotmail.co.uk to tell me how to do it and if it works i will post the solution on here to help any other people hwo are having the same problem.

  19. Gérald said

    Thanks a lot, great explanations! You saved me a lot of hours and headaches!
    (merci beaucoup!)

  20. Ralph said

    hi i have something want to learn from you about virtual machine how can i connect my pc to my virtual machine without lan connection. i mean pc to pc virtual. hope you can help me.thank you..

  21. Mandy said

    This was a great thing for me to find. Thank you.. it was sooooooooooo helpful

  22. Totoy Bato said

    ang lupet pre..
    good article!!

  23. Totoy Bato said

    ang lupet pre..
    good article!!
    How come I cant find Microsoft Virtual PC folder in my system? any ideas?

  24. Sumit Jha said

    Thanks, I Have been fac’g the issue since Nov 2007. Then i had to install Window 2003 server. Y’day i have seen your solution & thought of implementing it. And It Worked for me.

  25. Donny B said

    Thank you so much, I really liked this Tutorial or whatever. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to connect to the internet on VPC.

  26. Gustavo P said

    Really thanks, i was looking for solutions to this problem and you solve so quickly. Regards from Argentina.

  27. AG said

    I can’t connect my Host to VPC, it show the PC name but can’t log in. I can connect to Internet. Using XP Pro.
    Any IDea ?


  28. MJ Hufford said

    You rock…thanks for saving the day!

  29. Matt said

    That worked a treat – thanks CJ!

  30. steve said

    Hi i have managed to do all of the screenshots shown upto part 5. But when i go to my VPC to set my network adapter to the adapter that i just installed the Virtual Machine Network Service
    is not shown. Can anyone help me please???


  31. Narendra Pal Singh said


    thanks alot!!! i was trying hard to get this done…………ur blog was very much helpful

  32. CGM said


  33. Govil said

    Thanks a ton.

  34. Chris said

    thanks man now i can use the net on opensuse 11.0 on my ms virtual pc 2007

  35. Ramesh said

    thanks dear, finally done but very slow…………….

  36. TiGrE said

    TNX VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Nathan said

    DUDE! Thanks for this article. I would have never figured it out!

  38. Henri said

    I never give up when there’s some problem with anything according to coding, computers etc. and thats why you just saved me a couple of years working hard at nights solving this same situation. 2 minutes and there you go! Thanks so much !

  39. Bill said

    I had a minor twist – driver loaded on local & wirless internet card but only worked with VPC when wireless activated. Either way THANKS VERY MUCH -pointed me in the correct direction.

  40. valence said

    i got a problem, i followed all the steps and no connection still.
    my network adapter in the VPC is different from the network adapter that i install. donnu what to do.. pls help..

  41. Han Evers said


    It worked for me after I realized I had to set my proxy that my company uses on the host. Without setting the proxy on the virtual machine I still couldn’t connect to the internet, whereas I could ping to various websites. That gave me the clue!

    Cheers, Han

  42. WOW!! thank you soo much for your help 🙂 And thank god that my problem got solved in less than 10 mins after ur help 🙂

  43. NTA said

    i forgot how to get to the first screenshot T_T

  44. aga said

    It works!
    This is great!!!
    Spend hours looking at Microsoft’s info but to no avail. They don’t even come lose as for to-the-point information.

  45. 123 said


  46. Prasun said

    Wow. A big Thank You.

  47. Rakesh said

    coooool dude…thanx for d article…
    it really saved lot of my time…n d way u hv mentioned it is even gr8…

  48. Lorna said

    Please where do I go to find step one?

  49. Lorna said

    Continued. I have tried a lot of places but I don’t know where to access the “Wireless Network Connection Properties ” and I don’t know if I should be looking for it on the host or the guest. Can you help?

  50. Sebina said

    Hi Lorna,

    Not sure if you found the answer for your question.

    From the Start Menu go to Settings -> Network Connections and you will find the different network adapters.

    But I haven’t got mine to work after following the entire steps though 😦

  51. Sebina said

    Thanks for the steps. Finally I got to connect to the internet after following Han Evers’ tip.

  52. Irene said

    I have VPC 2007 with XP/professional installed on a VISTA 64 BIT. I see the VPC network, but I am still unable to connect to the internet. HELP!

  53. gaurav said

    dude…u rock……

    u solvd a big prblm of mine………..

    ***** five out of five stars to u……


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  55. s.valibasha said

    Million Thanks sir

  56. A. Medina said

    This is awesome!.. Thank you

  57. thanks said

    ty 🙂

  58. wasiim said

    Hats of to you, it worked. Bundle of thanks

  59. rairai said

    It did’tn work for me,.. huhuuh i’m using VPC 2007 and my host is running in Windows vista bussiness 64 bit :((

  60. Badhrinath said

    It worked for me. Earlier I did not realize that I need to do the same configuration setting in IE ( Lan settings configuration on host pc to share the connection). My firm uses proxy config script that I had to use here. Some of them may have same issue I had.

  61. Deep said

    I don’t get it. I don’t see a virtual machine network service in the settings thing
    Can someone help:(

  62. keyboardcat said

    thank you very much for posting this.

  63. Francis96 said

    I still need help! I have Windows 95 and XP in VMs. Help!

  64. Magnus said

    I dident have the virtual machine network service in the settings. I had to select the shared networking(NAT) and than it worked:) Thanks for great help with the service instal. /Magnus

  65. Boy63 said

    Thanks a lotI consider this site a very good one for me to face the interview questions ahead of me. ,

  66. kooldude1383 said

    thanks a billion buddy…works exactly the same way!!!cheers

  67. andres said

    Thanks a lot…

    Worked perfectly!!


  68. Colleen said

    Thanks for sharing! Great stuff!

  69. Alexander said

    Thank you so much dude!

  70. Gert said

    I did everything you said and it still doesn’t work.
    I selected the adaptor of my fysical pc and it doesn’t work
    i can go on the internet if i select the NAT, but than i can’t share anything with the fysical pc
    Who can help me?


    I am having a internet connection through a proxy server… located at the ISP place…
    I am unable to connect to the Internet Proxy Internet…
    Can you help me?


    I am having an internet connection through a proxy server…
    server is located at the ISP place…
    I am unable to connect to the Internet neither using directly not using Proxy settings…
    Can you help me?

  73. Dongle said


    I followed these steps and everything went fine except for one thing. When I got the service installed is says “Intel 21140-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (Generic)”
    and in My VPS network settings this isn’t an option, it doesn’t show up. All it gives me is “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller”? Any Suggestions, I followed the steps exactly so I don’t know what went wrong!

  74. pankaj said

    It was instantly helpful..
    Many thanks for sharing.

  75. Anmar said


  76. Thanks. It helped. Please keep sharing.

  77. bob said

    Thia help and solved in minutes an issue I was struggling with for sometime.

  78. Rahul said

    Thanks a lot…
    Really helpfull

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  80. khashayar said


  81. Ben said

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! And to Mr Mark Daunt too!!!

  82. Rune said

    Excellent!! and thanks for taking the time to post it.

  83. Rahul chauhan said

    Thanks for posting this invaluable info. of connecting VPC with internet..this article is really helpful…

  84. GMer56 said

    I have windows 7, and oddly the service was already installed, but it still wasn’t working.
    I reinstalled it and combed through my virtual machine, as it turned out I forgot to enable the LAN connection :3
    Thanks for the article!

  85. Developer said

    Cant stop myself to appreciate you…Thanx a lot dude….

  86. James said

    Just some constructive feedback: in your instructions it takes a bit to figure out whether you’re talking about changing the settings on your actual computer or in your virtual computer. Perhaps it could be stated up-front.

  87. BCrab said

    Did all the winsock repairs, ipconfig blah blahs written most likely by Klingons – Zilch! Step 6 in good old primary school picture language and my XP VPC is on line! Thank you, thank you !

  88. Wayne said

    Thanks mate, really appreciate it, helped a lot

  89. Jon said

    I am running a windows server 2003 VPC on my Windows 7 and can’t connect to the internet. My host PC connects to the internet through a wireless broadband. I tried to install VMNetSrv.inf a few times, but it doesn’t show up among the services. Please help??!!

  90. Sridhar Gaddam said

    It worked well thanks for your detailed steps

  91. Matt said

    Thanks a million.

    This problem really threw me off because the host along with my XP VM guest both had connectivity, but W7 and Ubuntu didn’t. With that said, I ruled out a problem with the Virtual PC install along with my NIC/drivers…

    Obviously I was wrong and this did the trick.

    Thanks again.


  92. ShallRemainNameless said

    Thx! tutorial helps …

  93. Dinesh Kashyap said

    Hey its working fine on my Windox SP (Virtual PC) but not able to access the same when try to access internet on Windows 2003 Server(installed on Virtual PC).

    Any idea about that…

    Dinesh Kashyap

  94. you are my breathing in, I possess few web logs and occasionally run out from to post : (.

  95. Great post, and nice job by Google returning it as the first result.

  96. Jay said

    I have also been struggling with internet connectivity issues until I enabled Shared Networking as suggested by many messages/replies posted here! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

  97. Mike said

    Your tutorial was a big help… thanx

  98. zeninho said

    Thank you man it really helped me a lot!!!

    Best regards

  99. H4UnT3R said


  100. It worked just fine. But like Freddie said
    September 19, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    I was unable to connect to the internet after doing what the above article said. I then changed the network settings in Virtual Machine 2007 (bottom left hand corner of Virtual Pc console window or click on settings the virtual pc console and go to networking) to shared networking(nat) and it worked.

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  121. Manu Krishnan said

    Hello Sir,
    i’m using virtual pc 2007 , but i can’t connect to the internet from my virtual machine , i am chenged the network setting to NAT , but still i can’t connect to the internet from my virtual machine ,

    please help me to solve this issue

  122. Manu Krishnan said

    Hello Sir,
    i’m using virtual pc 2007 (Host OS : Windows 7 , Guest OS : Windows XP ), but i can’t connect to the internet from my virtual machine , i am chenged the network setting to NAT , but still i can’t connect to the internet from my virtual machine ,

    please help me to solve this issue

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  124. dunc@dunc.com said

    changed my VM network adapter settings to Shared Networking (NAT) and started working – xp old on xp new pc – thanks!

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  142. Alex said

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