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Need to script one object per file in SQL Server 2005

Posted by Clayton James on February 9, 2007

For some strange reason beyond comprehension the SQL Server 2005 team removed the ability to script out one object per file. The only option is to script out selected objects into one (large) file.

I would script out one object per file when I felt it was time to add my SQL Server objects to source control. This easily allowed my to script out my schema objects in their own file which I then simply added to a Database project and bound to source control.

Anyway, I then came across scriptio. A cool utility (with source) that allows you to….yes, script out one sql object per file 🙂

It uses click once deployment to install and manage updates also, very cool.


2 Responses to “Need to script one object per file in SQL Server 2005”

  1. Endy said

    Great post.. thanks for sharing 😀

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