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MOSS 2007 Records Center – fails when using a required field

Posted by Clayton James on March 26, 2007

I have been teaching the MOSS 2007 Bootcamp and boy has it been a lot of fun.

One issue that I have come across in our adventures is with the Records Center. Whenever I tried to submit a document to the Records Center that routed the document to a document library with a required column, I received an error that provided no real information and the logs weren’t much better. If I removed the required column everything was fine.

Anyway, the power of students prevailed and one student in Queensland (Timothy Leydon) found the answer.

So, I logged on as a normal user and wholla….success!

Great work Tim.


3 Responses to “MOSS 2007 Records Center – fails when using a required field”

  1. Angus said

    Another system accoutn firfy I discovered today was using INFOPATH FORM SERVICES if you use the userName() method as the systme accuont it will return “system” instead of the name…

    so the work around is to add a condition if it returns “system” replace it with the actual sys a/c name…

    in the realworld you woudl have a special svcSharePoint account.

  2. Tim Leyden said

    Thanks Clayton

  3. Nee said

    This works if you are working with it in Sharepoint only. If you open the document in Word 07, it issues errors an error to enter a required field. You can enter the required field, but the error doesn’t go away. Any ideas? Please help.

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