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Fast Application Pool Recycler: and its free

Posted by Clayton James on July 26, 2007

I just came across a great tool for recycling IIS application pools or even performing an IIS Reset. Simply click the system tray utility and select the application pool you want to recycle.

This tool is especially useful for WSS/MOSS developers who need to regularly recycle application pools when developing in the SharePoint environment.


Quote from site
“This freeware application is a System Tray utility for providing quick access to common IIS tasks which are useful on a SharePoint development box. It may also be useful to others working with IIS. In essence, it enumerates the app pools on your box and lets you right click ’em to bounce ’em!

For those who like the old fashioned way then you can wrap this up in a .bat file

cscript c:\windows\system32\iisapp.vbs /a “%SharePointAppPool%” /r

Where %SharePointAppPool% is the app pool you are wanting to cycle.

Or you can use issapp from a command prompt to view the process id – thanks Doug


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