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WSS Security

Posted by Clayton James on October 7, 2007

SharePoint Groups
SharePoint groups are created at the site collection level and are available to be used in any site in the site collection. You cannot have SharePoint groups inside a SharePoint group, but you can have an active directory group in a SharePoint group.

Permission Inheritance
Each object inherit permissions from parent by default.

  • Site collection à Site à Doc Library à Folder/Document

Permission inheritance is an all or nothing approach. If you want to add custom permissions to child objects then it becomes detached from the parent object. If you decide to switch back to inheritance permission all of your unique permission will be discarded.

Create Custom Permission Level

  1. Site Actions à Site Settings
  2. Users and permissions à Advanced permissions
  3. Select Manage Permissions of Parent from the Actions menu
  4. Select Permissions Levels from the Settings menu
  5. Click Edit Permissions Levels à Add a Permission Level
  6. Type a name and description for new permission level and select the permissions to assign.

Managing Authorisation
Create and use SharePoint groups as often as possible. Adding individual user accounts increases work to maintain security.

User Rights for Web Applications
Server admins can control which permissions can be set at site permission levels that exist in a web application.
CA à Application Management à User Rights for Web Applications

Policies for Web Applications
Allows server admins to control permissions to all objects in all site collections in a web application for users or domain groups. SharePoint groups are defined for each site collection sot that are not available here . This provides a good place to globally (web application) implement security constraints for users or domain groups.

Object Model


2 Responses to “WSS Security”

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  2. Vimal Patel said


    just use any one of below :

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    It works 🙂

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