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ODC Day 1

Posted by Clayton James on February 12, 2008

Ok….so did I have a good day today?

I am at the ODC in San Jose and opening the key note is Bill Gates himself. This was a great moment for me as a person that works in the IT industry listening to the person who has played a major role in the worlds past, present and future.

I went to three sessions today and by far my most enjoyable was Andrew Connell’s. He did a presentation on the differences between customising a SharePoint solution and developing a SharePoint solution. I won’t repeat what he said as you can download the slid deck and demos on his blog, but what I will say is this person is a true SharePoint pioneer. He is engaging and really passionate about making SharePoint deliver the best solution. His community work is second to none and I really enjoyed his presentation skills. Myself being an MCT and doing a lot of training in the SharePoint platform I am always watching how other people deliver material and I can certainly say he is person I can learn a lot from.

I also met Scott Hillierand had a great chat about many things SharePoint. He is also at the forefront..MVP…MCT…books. I actually put his SharePoint development environment (chapter 2) into practice which I love.

Did I say I met also met Ted Pattison?


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