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Moss 64bit + VS2008 workflows = problems

Posted by Clayton James on June 30, 2008

Note: This post relates to building SharePoint VS2008 workflows on a 64bit OS only.

From Mick – In Comments
“you should clarify that these are just WSS/MOSS Workflow templates and NOT the OOTB VS2008 workflow IDE capabilities.”

I was in discussions recently with a fellow developer who was receiving this strange error when trying to develop a custom SharePoint VS2008 workflow.



I came across the following support call which states that SharePoint VS2008 workflows templates are not supported on a Moss 64bit platform.



btw, in the meantime I noticed that this issue is even mentioned in the Visual Studio 2008 Readme.htm 😉
http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/a/e/9ae0f6cc-7032-408e-9ca7-989f9e4af4ec/VS2008Readme.htm#General%20Issues Using Office SharePoint workflow templates on a 64-bit operating system is unsupported and causes an exception.
Visual Studio 2008 throws two exceptions if you try to create a SharePoint workflow project (SharePoint 2007 Sequential Workflow or SharePoint 2007 State Machine Workflow) on a 64-bit computer. The first exception message is: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. The second message is: “SharePoint site location entered is not valid. The SharePoint site at http://<serverpath&gt; could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly”.



Ishai cleared up this grey area:
Just to be clear – VS2008 workflows authoring on 64bit is not supported. Workflows built on 32 machines and compiled are supported on 64bit servers.”

So, if you need to build custom SharePoint VS2008 workflows then you will need to do this in a 32bit development environment.


3 Responses to “Moss 64bit + VS2008 workflows = problems”

  1. CJ – you should clarify that these are just WSS/MOSS Workflow templates and NOT the OOTB VS2008 workflow IDE capabilities.

  2. CJ said

    Thanks Mick. I have clarified the post.

  3. Peter B said

    Good post CJ… workmate of mine pointed it out.

    I thought this was an interesting article related to the issue:

    Why do Visual Studio Extensions for WSS 3.0 not support 64-Bit Platforms?

    “One scenario where this is an issue is when the SharePoint object model queries the registry for items like the Config DB information. WoW gets in the way here and queries the 32-bit registry instead of the 64-bit registry the object model expects.”

    Is this the best reason for not supporting it? (Not good enough! 🙂

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