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Enable Content Scheduling – Collaboration Portal

Posted by Clayton James on August 13, 2008

The Collaboration Portal template doesn’t allow for content scheduling by default. You have to complete a few actions first.

If you are using the Collaboration  Portal and want to use the scheduling feature to publish content from a start date and remove it when it hits an end date then you will need to complete the following.

  1. In the Pages document library settings click on Versioning settings, then check the Require content approval for submitted items, and make sure the Create major and minor versions radio button is selected (needed to place content into draft state when expired).
  2. Click the Manage Item Scheduling link and check Enable scheduling of items in this list

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • When an item is removed as it has passed its scheduled end date then it places the item into draft mode.
  • Filtering (Web Parts, Views) on Scheduling Start Date and Scheduling End Date doesn’t seem to work
  • You may find adding your own Start Date and End Date provides filtering functionality in Web Parts and Views and you can also run a workflow against these columns for archiving.

6 Responses to “Enable Content Scheduling – Collaboration Portal”

  1. Farhan Faiz said


    unable to find “Manage Item Scheduling link”. Any suggestions?

  2. CJ said

    Hi Farhan
    You need publishing Features enabled (which are by default when you create a Collaboration portal). These may have been deactivated. You will need to reactivate the Publishing features.

  3. Farhan Faiz said


    Thnaks for the reply. Enabled “Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” but still unable to find the desired link.

    Any suggestions?

  4. cj said

    You also need to enable the “Office SharePoint Server Publishing” Feature as the site level….not just the site collection level.

  5. Farhan Faiz said

    that worked 🙂
    really appreciate your help.

  6. Mario Samson said


    Did you find a way to filter on Scheduling Start Date and Scheduling End Date? I tried to filter from a content query web part but doesn’t work 😦


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