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Data View Part Extension Functions

Posted by Clayton James on October 8, 2008

Great guide to ddwrt functions. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa505323.aspx

“During the XSLT transformation process, the Data View Web Part uses an XSLT extension object that provides several functions in the ddwrt namespace. These functions perform tasks such as accessing properties of a SharePoint list or firing events to connected Web Parts. This article describes the functions implemented by the extension object.”

One of the nice functions I have used recently is UserLookup. I used this to get the current users email address to display their presence information.


public string UserLookup(string UserName, string FieldName);

Returns e-mail, ID, or login information about the specified user.

The UserName parameter contains the value as defined in SPUser.Name, for example, DOMAIN\User. It is in the format defined by FieldName, which can be either "Email", "ID", or "Login".


Another I use regularly is FormatDate.


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