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DropDownList FindByText FindByValue

Posted by Clayton James on November 27, 2008

Am always looking for this code snippet.

If you try to do this, you will not achieve the desire results:


ddlList1.SelectedItem.Text = dropdownValue;


By doing that, it will overwrite existing items. Not a good idea at all. Try this instead; you can either set FindByText or FindByValue.


ddlList1.SelectedIndex = ddlList1.Items.IndexOf(ddlList1.Items.FindByText(dropdownText));




ddlList1.SelectedIndex = ddlList1.Items.IndexOf(ddlList1.Items.FindByValue(dropdownValue));


One Response to “DropDownList FindByText FindByValue”

  1. Don Draper said

    Be very careful using IndexOf to locate an list item. If you add a another item to the list after databinding such as for a blank option or one that says “Pick One”, you not get the expected results.

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