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Non-Admins View Site Usage Reports

Posted by Clayton James on May 5, 2009

How to get non-admins to view your site collection and site usage reports

Site Collection Admins or user will Full Control can view Site Collection and Site Usage Reports.  So if you want other users to access these reports you can do the following:

  1. Create a custom site permission level and select the “View Usage Data” check box
    Note: this will also select the “View Pages” permission
  2. Create a new Group called something like “Usage Report Viewers” and assign the permission level you created above to the group
  3. Add the people you want to view the reports
  4. Provide the users with links to the report pages
    1/ http://sitecollection/_layouts/SpUsageSite.aspx – view site collection reports
    2/ http://sitecollection/_layouts/SpUsageWeb.aspx – view site reports

Use a web part to display the links and above and audience targeting so only the users in the SharePoint group “Usage Report Viewers” see the web part.


6 Responses to “Non-Admins View Site Usage Reports”

  1. Loy58 said

    Finally, some of the AAAs have adult day programs at which veterans participate. ,

  2. Joe said

    Thanks for the post – helpful

  3. Markus said


    thanks for this post.
    On WSS 3.0 there is a different URL fpor site Usage:


  4. Neil said

    Thanks for the info, I had never noticed the custom site permission level “View Usage Data” check box before. Very useful.

    Also, thanks for the SpUsageWeb.aspx page – having migrated from WSS3 to MOSS I had been unaware of this one! (until now)

  5. Sion King said

    Excellent post!

  6. John Doe said

    Excellent post. Thank you very much.

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