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Moving Content Database between Farms

Posted by Clayton James on July 29, 2010

I found this from a MFST guy and I am storing it for future reference

I have done what you have said consistently several times without running PrepareToMove.  

Create the new web apps in your DEV environment first making new databases for them.  

Detach these 2 new content databases you created by making your new web apps from your SharePoint farm.

Have your DBA (or you can do it yourself if you know how) restore the content from the 1 old content databases to the 2 new content databases.  

When the restore is complete, reattach the 2 new databases you just refreshed to your farm using the AddContentDB command in STSADM.  Make sure to add -assignnewdatabaseID and -clearchangelog parameters to the AddContentDB command.  

Check the SiteSynch table in your SSP Service database as indicated above and if the ‘Moving’ column is TRUE, run the PrepareToMove STSADM command using the -contentDB command with the name of your new content DB and the -undo parameter.  Do this -undo command 2 times, once for each new contentDB.  

This worked for me when I had to refresh 2 separate databases in my DEV farm from 1 production content database.


2 Responses to “Moving Content Database between Farms”

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