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Enum value with spaces c#

Posted by Clayton James on September 8, 2010

Have you ever wanted to display a friendly Enum name that included spaces.

C# doesn’t allow spaces in Enum’s, just like variables. However, thanks to c# extension methods we can create a new method that returns the Description Attribute.

Apply descriptions which may be different to the enum value. Notice the space.
public enum WorkType

[Description(“Service Delivery”)]

Create the extension method
//used to get the description from enum fields
public static string GetDescription(this Enum value)
Type type = value.GetType();
string name = Enum.GetName(type, value); if (name != null)
FieldInfo field = type.GetField(name);
if (field != null)
DescriptionAttribute attr =
typeof(DescriptionAttribute)) as DescriptionAttribute;
if (attr != null)
return attr.Description;
return null;

Use it in your code
string serivceDelivery = WorkType.ServiceDelivery.GetDescription();


One Response to “Enum value with spaces c#”

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